Our vision

We want to bring about the socio-economic transformation of Fond-des-Blancs (FdB) into a globally attractive community where FdB natives can choose to lead prosperous lives. 

Our mission

To do this, we work to strengthen local organizations and coordinate their work towards that shared vision of an empowered and economically competitive community.

Legal Information

State Filing

Incorporation Date:  September 2017
State/Jurisdiction: Florida
Document Number: N17000009120
Entity Type: Florida Not For Profit Corporation
EIN: 82-2714270


IRS Ruling/Determination Date: October 2017
NTEE Code: Q33, International Relief
IRS Tax Classification: Charitable Organization
IRS Tax Subsection: 501(c)(3)
Deductibility: Contributions are deductible

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Meet Our Team

Our team is made up of young professionals and entrepreneurs who have a wide range of skills in the field of research and data collection, GIS and drone piloting, social media management, public relations, event planning, skills training, and organizational development. ADF emphasizes hiring locally. We think the best people to solve local problems are people living with those problems. Our seven in-office workers live in Fond-des-Blancs, and all but one grew up there. ADF has seven core employees who work daily at the Fond-des-Blancs office in Haiti. We also have two GIS data collectors and a lawyer in Haiti who work as contractors. On the US side, we have a graphic designer and a web developer.

Josiah Thomas

Chief Executive Officer

Josiah Thomas joined as ADF's Chief Executive Officer in 2016, when the organization first began operating. Since joining in its infancy, Josiah's leadership has helped ADF develop into a respected data collection and analysis agency. His leadership has helped ADF develop from being a concept to a successful organization that can make a change in the FdB community. He believes that everybody in FdB deserves the same opportunities as those from the most developed countries. Josiah enjoys playing soccer and tennis, listening to music, and learning about the latest technologies.

Fritz-Heber Lamy

Deputy General Manager

Fritz-Heber Lamy is the Deputy General Manager of ADF. He believes that his work must go beyond expectations because work is part of what you are. He believes in sharing his abilities with others. Born and raised in FdB, Fritz-Heber loves to play soccer, go to the beach, and travel to new places with his own time. He also enjoys working on various small businesses that he operates.

Roselie Bernadel


Roselie is ADF's Bookkeeper. She believes that being a team player and helping others is key to being a successful employee. She believes in using all the skills she has acquired to produce great work. With her own time, she enjoys reading, learning other languages, listening to music, and researching interesting subjects.

Felicita Thomas

Administrative Support Specialist

Felicita is Secretary of USA Affairs. She believes that every job is of equal value, and regardless of the job, she wants to realize it. She also believes that being honest and open with people you work with is essential for growth and understanding. Born and raised in Guatemala, Felicita currently lives in FdB. With her own time, Felicita loves painting, reading, hiking, and learning about skincare.

Fednel Charles

Office Assistant

Fednel is the Office Assistant for ADF. Fednel values hard work and always gives his all and believes that hard work will pay off. He believes that everyone should be treated with respect. With his own time, Fednel enjoys playing soccer, hanging out with his friends, and going to that community activities.

Carlo Laude

Print Business Operator

Carlo is the Manager of ADF's print service. He strives to improve and learn new skills that help him succeed in his career. He thinks advancement is an endless struggle and his goal is to fight to always be in its pursuit. With his own time, Carlo enjoys playing soccer, the guitar, and shopping!