GIS Surveying and Mapping

We offer a variety of adaptable custom GIS mapping solutions.

Drone Orthomosaic Mapping Services

  • We can capture and transform drone imagery into 2D orthomosaic maps to help your organization make informed decisions.
    •  An orthomosaic map, or "ortho", is a single image created through the combination of many photos. Our drone's capture imagery with GPS locations and our software merges and stitches all those pictures to create an orthomosaic map.

Land Parcel Surveying

  • We can gather property boundary data with less than ten centimeters of error. This lets you calculate the area of a property with ease and confidence.

Examples Of Our Work

Property Boundary Measurement
Client: YCF Group
Timeline: 3 weeks
Client, YCF Group, Property Boundary Measurement

This project required high accuracy corner points that we gathered an EOS Arrow Gold. The end result was a very accurate parcel measurement with added information about elevation.
Small Farm Land Parcel Measurement
Client: Jubilee Farms
Timeline: 3 months 
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The singular focus of Jubilee Farms is increasing food production for the benefit of the 200 farmers involved. To do this, Jubilee Farms has been introducing large scale mechanized agricultural techniques. One of the problems they face in scaling up is the desire of farmers to preserve the legal boundaries of their properties. This is where our services came in. We identified and accurately mapped the property boundaries of each farmer. This gives Jubilee Farms the freedom to operate at scale and provide the increased food production they seek to achieve.

Check out more of our work on our ArcGIS Online Homepage

Drone Photography 

Get high quality still photos of places, properties, or events.
Lomon Sky


Our Guarantee

  1. Honesty: We will be transparent and fair about the realities of cost, time, and quality.
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  3. Flexibility: We will tailor the service and its products so that they are the most useful to you.
  4. Cost-efficient: We promise to provide an excellent quality service at a competitive price.